Every person who can now be proud of great achievements once simply allowed himself to be more: express himself more, join big projects, take more responsibility.

And most importantly, allow to be yourself.

Anastasiia DASHYNSKA


After all, how do we usually evaluate ourselves?

We look at ourselves through the eyes of Mrs. Brown from elementary school, who said you were incapable and lazy.

Through the eyes of a mother who once, in a fit of her own fear, said that you will “end up badly.”

Through the eyes of the first employer who made fun of your presentation.

Or through the eyes of classmates who laughed at your essay….

And this whole squabbling menagerie in my head screams: “Who are you to express your opinion? You will not succeed! Sit down and don’t stick your head out!”

Sounds familiar?

But you’re not 10 or even 18! You are already an adult, wise person who has gone his own way. Maybe not everything went as planned. But there were also victories!

So why are you still listening to these voices?

Just imagine: suddenly they are all wrong!

  • You are capable of more than you think.
  • You are much more interesting than you think.
  • You can do much more!

Just let yourself show up!

We all understand what unpacking is. This is the process of unpacking. With some kind of blender or a set of cosmetics, everything is clear.

And what does it mean to "unpack the personality"?

This means looking into your inner world, hidden under clothes, habitual behavior and manner of being in public. It’s about you, about your weaknesses and super-strength, about goals and opportunities.

For whom?

It is generally accepted that personality unpacking is only needed by experts in order to better interact with the audience. But after all, each of us is an expert in something, and, most likely, more talents are hidden in you than you yourself think.

Therefore, I would like to say that unpacking the personality is important for everyone. And everyone will recognize themselves anew and find their super-power.

The process of "unpacking" is divided into 3 parts.

I. About your personality:

To get to know yourself better, realize your values ​​and desires, formulate your life mission and understand “Who are you?”, “What are you talking about?”, “What for?”.

This coaching session is about getting to know yourself anew.

II. The story about you:

How did the path begin, what was the turning point, what difficulties did you encounter and what lessons did you learn, what conclusions did you come to and what did you become in the end. Why: to know your inner self and reveal its features. To understand how best to interact with people. After all, it happens that a person himself does not even suspect many of his qualities and all the information is very chaotic.

“Unpacking the personality ” will help to put everything together, analyze and build a further strategy.

III. Specialist Power:

In general, we can say that this coaching session is simply necessary for absolutely any experts: psychologists, coaches, bloggers, as it helps to present yourself to the world (on a blog and not only!) to realize and emphasize uniqueness, show your background, reveal your expertise and your life experience.

“Unpacking” will help you find new clients and students and understand why people who subscribe to you are interested in you and how to develop your blog further.

What is the result?

  • Self-realization in social media.
    The audience begins to understand the expert
  • Better = contact improves.
  • Imposter Syndrome Disappears

*Please note: Unpacking an Expert Advisor will not be effective without the previous parts, so I suggest starting this session after you have completed Part I and Part II