Usually in many countries of the world from the beginning of December post offices begin to accept letters to Christmas wizards. After all, the most important thing is that we create a miracle in our lives ourselves. For this miracle to come, it is necessary to create favorable soil, at least – a festive mood.

Every year, according to statistics, Santa Claus receives more than a million paper and e-mails. Written not only by kids, but also adults (and even those who do not believe in Christmas tales). After all, when you describe your desires, you can indicate the steps to get what you dream about.

All the more letters accented different. You can simply list all the things that you would like to receive as a gift “just like that” (this is the most productive belief in miracles, which can lead to disappointment). You can write a big letter in which you tell how you spent the year, what you achieved , what you plan, what resources you have and what are lacking. 

If you already know what you want, why not write to the Santa?

Even if you do not believe in it, it will help to sum up the results of the year – it helps to realize the progress towards your goal and plan a new year. Isn’t it?

Take a pen and paper and let’s sum it up.

Do you remember as a child told that Santa Claus brings gifts only to those who throughout the year was “good”?  What could that mean? Let’s give yourself a grade.

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What did you strive for, what did you do for it, what did you succeed in?

What did you spend the most time on?

What worked and did not work?

Sorry about what?

What are you most proud of?

How do you assess your achievements?

Now, how would Santa Claus appreciate your efforts and the year you spent? Already aware of all this, next year will be much easier to plan.

Are you ready?

So, let’s imagine that somewhere in snow-covered Lapland lives a good-natured old man with a long white beard. Everyone’s favorite Santa Claus every year at Christmas brings the most desired gifts. But he does them, of course, not himself – to fulfill the wishes of children, and adults too, he is helped by numerous Christmas gnomes. They are real little wizards and can do anything. There are painters, carpenters ,mechanics, seamstresses, cooks and glassblowers. They make Christmas presents for everyone. But mostly such gifts are ordered by children. Adults most often dream about what gnomes can not make: “happiness”, “love”, sometimes “wealth”. Despite the desire to have it, adults do not believe too much in the execution of the plan. Therefore do not ask and  accordingly, do not receive. In vain! Santa is a wizard and can perform absolutely everything, if you ask correctly. He fulfills the most difficult desires personally, only it is necessary to convince him that you really need it.  Well, are you ready to start your letter and ask for the most intimate?

But keep in mind that you yourself must make an effort to find what you want.

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Self-coaching Diary "Letter to Santa Claus"

is not a children’s entertainment, but a full-fledged self-coaching technique; simply dressed in a game form. It is aimed at working out desires and finding resources for their fulfillment. Even if you completely refuse to believe in miracles, you will find a logical confirmation of efficiency and in any case. You will train the skill of summing up and increase your own motivation associated with achieving goals.


This is a very nice and funny technique, which I performed with great pleasure. It helped to set goals for the year and realize how important it is for me. I have planned my actions and I hope that I will fulfill what I promised Santa Claus.
Miracles happen if you take steps towards them. When I wrote the letter, it was like talking to a coach who helped me set goals, plan for the future and take into account my strengths and weaknesses. The main thing is that this realization came very easily. Thank you coach Santa:)

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If what you think is ambitious enough (not to burn out) and at the same time achievable, and you are really ready to strive for it, then it will come true.

You can send your letter to Santa’s residence or hide it somewhere until next year to make sure that the magic exists if you help it enter into life.

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