Start your own business, finally quit smoking, get out somewhere with your family, start learning languages, get a more paid job, get yourself in order in the end… How often we make a promise to fulfill all our plans. And it seems that we sincerely feel that we need to gather strength and take the first step. But inertia, lack of self-confidence, and fear of the unknown prevent us from carrying out our plans. Is there a solution?

Of course! But only if you're truly willing to change.

Coaching is POWERLESS if

the person is waiting for the coach to give a specific task plan and tell them what to do and how to do it correctly

the person blames "universal injustice" and "evil and callous people around" for their failures (those who are not ready to take responsibility for themselves are usually not ready to change their lives)

a person wants their goals to be realized, but "on their own", without much effort on their part

not sure if he can succeed or if he needs a goal at all

pre-plans inaction and expects failure, so puts the responsibility on the coach and requires a one-hundred-percent guarantee of achieving the same goal

Coaching will be REALLY EFFECTIVE for those,

who haven't found truly inspiring goals yet (but wants to find them)

who wants to achieve something but is not too successful in it yet

who is aware of dreams but can't translate them into goals

whose goal is a goal so "global" that it is almost impossible to implement it (at least in one approach)

who pushes the implementation of the goal "until better times"

In short, coaching will only produce results for those who are willing to make an effort to improve and achieve.

Here are some results of working with a coach:

1 %
Finding a life balance
1 %
reducing stress levels
1 %
unlocking your potential

I'm ready to change. What's next?

To find the answer, you must first ask a question. But practice shows that the initial request (most often) is blurred and incomprehensible even to the client. So, in the process, queries are rephrased, changed, and clarified. But we must come to this. Different people have different interests and goals. This is why requests relate to different areas of life: most often, “misunderstandings” are manifested in the sphere of relationships, environment, work and career, finance, and, of course, personal growth. So, before you book a coaching session, just think about what is bothering you, in what area you feel an imbalance, what you are not personally sure about.

“A coach is not an adviser! It’s task is to direct the person in the right direction. This is enough to find a solution, answer, or motivation on your own.”

There are many coaches. How do I choose the right one?

The criterion is simple: the client comes with a request, that is, a topic or a key question, and if after the session he clearly sees the solution and ways to achieve it, then the communication was constructive. And if on the same day he drops all plans and starts acting, then the coach is really a professional

Why me?

In short, about me, then:

2 higher education degrees

More than 20 international diplomas and certificates

Presentation of own methods at major international scientific conferences

Author’s development (self-coaching diaries), sold in Europe and the United States

Using my own methods for coaching consultation

Articles and interviews in the press

A lot of clients who were able to find a source of strength and achieve the desired result

Clients feedback

Matvey Perchuk, Moscow

Number of sessions: 1

My situation:

I just wanted to set a goal. There were many separate desires, but they were not achieved because there was no clear vision.

My results:

I have planned steps that I can actually take based on my situation. I was also able to understand how to use existing skills to achieve my goal.

Yulia Zadorozhnaya, Kiev

Number of sessions: 2

My situation:

I was working in a place I hated, and I also had a minimum wage. I went there as if to hard labor, was always nervous and tired. There was not deeg. I ordered a trial session in the hope of getting advice on how to find a new job.

My results:

During the session, I finally realized what kind of work and in what area I need. It became clear what the mistakes were when searching for a job. Then I ordered another coaching session to develop a plan for finding a new job. All this took about two weeks and now: finally, I have a great job, the courtroom is a pleasure and I feel fulfilled. By the way, the salary is also much higher, which more than covered the cost of coaching.

Alexander Groys, Dusseldorf

Number of sessions: 3

My situation:

The reason for applying to the coach was the stagnation of the business. I didn’t know where to go next.

My results:

I’ve never thought about coaching before, but this collaboration was a revelation. With Anastasiia, we worked through my negative attitudes and turned to successful strategies from my past. As a result, it became obvious how to further develop the business. Now I have a specific plan that I’m moving forward with.

Lara Rusak, Berlin

Number of sessions: 5

My situation:

I’ve always been a private person – no friends, no boyfriend. Difficulties in communication have been for as long as I can remember. And also, a lot of complexes: ugly, boring, no one likes. To be honest, I turned to Anastasiia to talk it out.

My results:

* We found the beliefs that have limited me.

* Discovered my strengths and found what makes me special

* I was able to love myself and take care of myself. As a result, I look better, I went to yoga, not being shy about my fullness.

* I started making music. I always liked to sing, but I used to think that there is no gift for this pity.

* I communicate with colleagues, have made friends and know that I am an interesting person of different backgrounds.

* I have a young man

* I’m happy

Well, interested? Want to try it?

I offer you a trial coaching session for $19.99, during which you will realize your goals, remove barriers, and start taking steps that will lead you to what you want. Follow the link and book a convenient time for you. Don’t delay your success!

How many sessions do I need to get a result?

It is difficult to say in advance how many meetings it will take to reveal the client and “encourage” him to take action – it depends on the person and the complexity of the request. It often happens that the “insight” comes after the first meeting and this is enough. Maybe this is not enough to fully solve global problems, but the individual needs to take at least the first step.

One coaching session is enough if you have a very specific request: to understand how to cope with the task, make a “burning” decision, choose one of the alternatives. The more specific the task, the easier it is to solve it, and even one session will give you a result.

A series of several coaching sessions gives you the opportunity to look at your request more deeply and see the results in dynamics – this is a variant of system work with more complex favorite tasks, stretched over time.

If you are interested in significant life changes, it is better to choose a series of 5 sessions. This will make it possible to formulate global goals in various areas of life, work out each of them in detail, sum up intermediate results, strengthen some areas, and as a result open up new horizons.

How is the session going?

In English, I conduct sessions in online correspondence via WhatsApp. This is a great option, because writing down thoughts makes it possible to structure them. After the session, you will get the key conclusions you came to and a task that will help you consolidate your progress.

How long does a coaching session last?

Duration: for such a session, I leave 2 hours of time. But we’ll probably find answers faster.

Coaching does not change the life around us,

but it makes our life more conscious and, as a result, happy. We achieve our goals more easily, we take the obstacles on the way easier, and we build more harmonious relationships. We are very accepting of our limitations and features. We discover new opportunities, talents and all this moves us forward!