There are always plenty of reasons to start life from scratch.

The desire to change your life speaks of an innovative approach, courage and willpower, the desire to manage your own life… or reminds you that you could have more and better than the usual dullness. It is possible to change your life, although it is not easy.

«The desire to change everything and start life anew occurs when familiar things cease to please, and a person feels like a squeezed lemon. However, we are so afraid of change that we usually ignore signals of the need for change. "Yes, to start life from scratch is very difficult," says coach Anastasiia Dashynska. "But the truth is that changes are possible at any age, status, and under any circumstances. In order to take the first steps, I developed the "I’ve had enough!" session, thanks to which a person can get rid of fear and start changes today!”
Business Key

There is a formula that describes the conditions necessary for the onset of important changes in life. And it is important that all components are present. Check yourself: are you ready for changes?

A × B × D > X

where A is dissatisfaction with the situation

“I am not happy with the current situation”

B is a vision

“I have no idea how to improve the situation”

D – practical steps: what, how and when we will do

“I don’t know how to act”

Coaching session with Anastasii Dashynska

"I’ve had enough!"

If the desire to start from scratch again and again reminds you of yourself, then you should not postpone it until better times: they will not come by themselves, and precious time can be missed. This session will help you come to the long-awaited changes and find what you were looking for in yourself!

Module 1: escape plan

we will check how much the situation "got you", what exactly you don't like and why;

we will look at how to change what makes you unhappy and find new strategies;

we will calculate the steps that will bring significant changes to your life;

This is the first part of the change formula. After the first module, you will know exactly what you want to change and why you need it, and you will also see that it is quite real.


My situation:

I used to literally hate every morning. The days were similar to each other and there was nothing new. I wanted to start a new life.


After the session, I was able to understand something very important: what I was striving for, I did not need at all. The problem is not that I am not able to build a career as a lawyer because of stupidity or insight, but that I sometimes did not want to. So, I quit my job and went about my business. But this did not happen immediately – first I weighed everything and realized what I did not want, then – what I really need and what steps I can take. The whole process - from leaving the hated job to opening your business took 5 months, and all this time Anastasiia helped and supported me.
Aneta Miller

We usually underestimate the power of resistance. And if external factors can be resisted, then it is much more difficult to cope with internal pressure, especially on your own, because this is a whole set of beliefs, habits and reactions, developed over the years. Sometimes resistance force is so powerful that a person cannot safely look into their future, and without this vision it is impossible to go beyond their usual well-worn rut, which is a familiar but unloved everyday life.

Let’s remember mathematics.

Dissatisfaction X Vision X Steps > Resistance

In order for changes to occur, you need to multiply dissatisfaction with the situation by the vision of the outcome and multiply it again by the presence of an action plan. But most importantly, this number must be greater than the degree of internal resistance to these changes.

"It turns out strangely: a person seems to be extremely dissatisfied with the state of affairs, but some kind of stop force tightly keeps leaving everything as it is. We often resist change even when our own wellbeing is at stake. In fact, we resist not changes per se, but their consequences in order to remain in the conditional comfort zone. This resistance is an unconscious process and manifests itself, for example, in delaying things to the last, in a sense of guilt for what has not been done, in thoughts: "is it worth the effort?", "can I?". Devaluation, fear of shame, listening to the opinions of others, anxiety, self-doubt and fear of losing what is already there."
Business Key

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon when previously developed strategies no longer work – the person in the post has “outgrown” them, and the new ones that are so necessary have not yet appeared. Therefore, the second module is aimed at finally getting rid of the concepts of the past in order to confidently shape your future.

Coaching session with Anastasiia Dashynska

"I’ve had enough!"

Leaving the comfort zone is scary. There are two options: to accept and tolerate what you are used to, or to overcome fear and get rid of the “shackles”. If you choose the second option, then you will be able to use this coaching session.

Module 2: removing the shackles

understand what limits you most;

find the strength to make changes based on your strengths;

stop being afraid and look back;

As a result, you will understand what you want, how to get it and start acting!


My situation:

After the first module, I finally realized what I want to change in life and how to do it. But when it came to action, I fell into a stupor.


I was motivated by the fact that I made some commitments at the last session, namely to take steps to get rid of unnecessary things and make small positive changes. After the second session, I realized why my progress was so slow – it was all about internal resistance. On the one hand, I wanted changes, but on the other, I was afraid. As a result, I was able to consider and get rid of them.
Mike Tisch