Employee testing is not a fad.

With a correct and systematic approach, it can be an extremely effective tool for solving many management tasks. 

How can a manager evaluate employees? How can employees determine their potential?

Anastasiia Dashynska, The Author of the tests

“Tests are one of the most objective and accessible assessment procedures. My many years of experience in coaching, as well as in the development and implementation of psychological tests, makes it possible to assert that testing is able to identify what is not obvious and improve understanding when evaluating staff motivation, to identify their strengths and weaknesses, emotional state and ambitions.”

Why you need to test employees?

- To find a suitable candidate for a vacant position,

-To check whether the employee's level of knowledge is suitable for the position he holds,

-To assess the emotional state of an employee, to understand what motivates him and under what conditions he will reach the maximum level of efficiency,

-To assess the level of creativity of a person, the ability to think outside the box and make independent decisions.

I use methods and tools of my own development, some of which were presented at international scientific conferences, and I use an integrated approach in diagnostics, thanks to which I can be sure of maximum accuracy and exceptional benefits for companies and employees.