My name is Anastasia Dashynska.

I am a certified coach from Poland, a participant of several international conferences. I have 2 higher education degrees and a number of scientific articles. But I’m not offering you coaching, because all the things that we could do together, you can do on your own. My main achievement is that I create self-coaching for students. These are ready-made tools for helping yourself to unlock your potential and remove internal barriers that hinder your self-realization. At the same time, you save money, time, and effort, as you use proven tools that are guaranteed to bring results.

that are guaranteed to bring results.

What are self-coaching diaries?

Self-coaching diaries are a new trend in Europe. They have already been translated into several languages, which proves their effectiveness. This is not just a guide, but system tools that I create based on years of practice in coaching. The main element, as in classic coaching, is the correct sequential questions. Answering them, you will not notice how you begin to understand yourself much better, you will be able to reach your potential and eliminate everything that hinders your self-realization. As a result of this gradual introspection and reaching a new level of perception, the inner mood changes and internal barriers are removed, and this, in turn, changes the way of thinking. At the same time, life is changing.

Each diary is based on logical chains of questions, answering them can: identify personal characteristics and set goals that are suitable for you; understand what prevents you from achieving them — get rid of internal blocks and negative attitudes; acquire decision-making skills; choose the best ways to achieve what you want; find inner strength; get the desired result.

The uniqueness of my developments is that you get ready-made tools — self-coaching diaries, adapted for independent work on yourself. Each diary is themed. If the problem is close to you, you order a specific diary for introspection and work with a specific topic. I create diaries that cover a lot of relevant topics. But you don’t have to work with everyone, because each of us has their own needs, problems, and goals. You choose only what is really relevant to you.

How to use self-coaching diaries?

It’s simple: you can buy a printed version, or you can use a beautiful notebook and write by hand. Whatever method you choose doesn’t affect the result. In the diary, I ask consecutive questions, tell a lot and clarify. This is enough to determine your request and then, step by step, answering questions, find the best solution. Practice shows that such independent work is often more effective than a professional coaching session.

When you work independently on yourself, you save:


Since working with a coach is a rather expensive service


You do not depend on the schedule of others and decide when you want to “go deep into yourself”


You use proven tools that are guaranteed to bring results

I am happy to present

my self-coaching practices, adapted for independent use, which have already shown incredible effectiveness. All methods are scientifically based, while being as simple as possible for everyone. Perhaps the most important thing is that there is no need for outside help: you begin to understand yourself, the origins and features of your problem, and most importantly-the mechanisms for solving it.