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Киевский Национальный Университет им. Т. Г. Шевченко, журналистика

За время учёбы пробовала себя в разных изданиях и жанрах в поисках того, что будет интересно, востребовано и позволило бы раскрыть аналитические способности, умение видеть взаимосвязь в событиях и желание доносить их красиво и понятно.


Работа на телевидении (First Business Channel, Киев)

Уникальный опыт, который очень пригодился в жизни благодаря возможности проявить интерес к бизнес-процессам в соединении с человеческим фактором. Главный вывод: отталкиваясь от статистики и общих тенденций, очень важно учитывать роль людей в этих процессах.


Media Contributor

Work as a correspondent on television (First Business Chanel) and a freelance correspondent in leading Ukrainian publications (“Uryadovy Courier,”, “In the Name of the Law,”, “Mirror of the Week”) gave a unique experience due to the opportunity to show interest in business processes in conjunction with the human factor. The main conclusion: based on statistics and general trends, it is very important to take into account the role of people in these processes.



The most frequent requests are setting goals, planning personal development, revealing strengths and working out poorly disclosed qualities.
At the same time, I started developing self-coaching diaries with the belief that people can figure out important issues for themselves on their own, if they have the necessary tools. During this time, she participated in three scientific conferences and published 4 scientific articles on the topic of self-coaching.


"Hidden potential of an employee" test creation

As a basis, I chose a typology that relates to psychosophy. Psychosophy is a psychological concept created on the basis of socionics, the roots of which, in turn, through a long chain of various studies, and that go back to the teachings of Carl Jung.
Psychosophy studies the sphere of a person’s priorities, and his own ideas about his inner world and his capabilities. In simpler terms, psychosophy considers the method and method of issuing information to the world by a person, the attitude to this or that information and the priority of certain aspects. But this is what business needs!
What boss would not like to know about the hidden talents of thier employees, about their attitude to work and earnings, their level of logic and emotions, the ability to join the team and, of course, the level of their career ambitions!? I set myself the task of developing a test that will answer these questions. And now-it is ready!




"Self coaching: fałszywe cele"

Wydawnictwo TYGIEL


"Blad optymizmu - wspoldzialania coucha z klientem"

Issue 15. M.P. Dragomanov National University of Pedagogy


"Prospects of detection and transformation of limiting beliefs with the help of self-coaching techniques"

IACHSS 2nd International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Science


"Between "actual self" and "ideal self": self-concept awareness and correction in the context of self-coaching"

IACRSS, International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

additional Education


- Leadership Psychology

- Skuteczna Perswazja i Socjotechnika

- Neuro-Linguistic Programming


- Anger Management

- Emotional Intelligence

- Communication Strategies

- The Power of Focus


- Depression: A Compassionate View

- Crisis Coaching Essentials


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