Self-coaching diaries

You should not be a psychologist to understand and solve your inner problems! We present an international self-coaching project. This project is very special because includes coaching experience adapted for self-use, has already shown incredible efficiency and has been translated into 3 languages. All methods are very simple, but scientifically proven. However the most important thing is the lack of need for external help, because the reader begins to understand reasons, peculiarities and the ways of solution of his problems.

Anastasiia Dashynska


The key idea is that no one can help you better than you! Besides it is important to have really working tools. The main tool is the technology of asking the right questions. That is what a professional coaches do. The uniqueness of this project is that you get a ready to use tool – self-coaching diary.

All diaries are based on a logical series of sequential questions composed with gradually self-analyze purpose. These questions will bring you to a new level of perception.

There are many relevant topics in the project, but you do not have to work with every topic, because everyone has different requests, problems and goals.


Choose yours!

Wish map that makes wonders

The wish map is a visualization-based tool that allows you to pull all your dreams “off the shelves” and make the best plan for achieving them.