Creating a masterpiece

Why haven’t you reached the heights your dream as yet?

After this question, there are always a lot of excuses. But in fact, there are several main problems:

  • lack of discipline,
  • poor motivation and lack of confidence in their own abilities
  • and lack of understanding of what exactly needs to be done.  

This book solves exactly these problems.

“In fact, in each of us lives a strong Superman, a brave knight, a wise ruler, and a talented inventor. Only a very few of us believe that. The book is called “creating a masterpiece” – by these words I mean not only a certain product that can be created – I believe all life can be a beautiful masterpiece.

I, Anastasiia Dashynska, life and business coach, am the author of techniques for unlocking the potential and removing internal blocks. And now I offer you a book that contains just such techniques. It is created not only for reading, but also for writing. Once you get your hands on it, you will be able to deal with your lack of self-discipline, find motivation at every stage, and believe you can do anything.”

“I have so often met innovators who light up an idea, but the first difficulties force them to give up what they started. But with this book, you will definitely bring the idea to fruition”. 

The book is for those who know that they have enough knowledge and skills to do something, but cannot cross the internal barriers.  

Положительных отзывов

93% positive reviews

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Журнал 1

"The book is very creative and the author offers non-standard solutions that may seem strange to those who have always relied on logic. However, it is easier to achieve success for those who are able to combine the ability to count with the ability to creatively see any task. "

Журнал 2

"I've never seen anything like this before. The author suggests creating a team... of fictional characters. It seems very strange, but why not try it if it helps to unlock the potential and believe in yourself?"

Журнал 3

"Many clear and valuable tips. For example, how to teach a child to be organized thanks to scrum. I think it's simple and brilliant! And most importantly, there are step-by-step tips that everyone can use today."