Wish Map

What do you dream about? A promotion at work? A strong family? A trip to the Islands? A Wish Map that really works!

It’s not magic;

it's science

You’ve obviously heard that if you make your wishes right and put them on paper, your dreams will start to come true. The first thing that comes to mind is the “Wish Map”….The name speaks for itself – in fact, these are cherished dreams collected in one place. But if you are far from believing in magic and mysticism, then, most likely, you may think that the wish map is “on par” with growing money trees to improve your financial situation or stubbornly avoiding black cats. After all, just a picture on the wall is unlikely to bring what you want. And yet, somehow, miraculously, it works. There is no magic here – in this self-coaching diary, the author talks about the scientific side of the issue and, most importantly, you will get a tool for achieving what you really want.

Anastasiia Dashynska

@anastasiiadashynska The author

The main goal of the wish map is to have a clear idea of what you are dreaming about. The fact is that for our brain there is no difference between real and fictional events or objects. It is not for nothing that those who came across the method of visualizing goals usually achieved what they planned. That is, what you can clearly imagine is real and exists for your consciousness. Thanks to the self-coaching diary Wish Map That Makes Wonders, you can believe that any goal is achievable.

Mariia Dashynska


In the self-coaching diary Wish Map That Makes Wonders, you will find detailed instructions on how to create a real wish map – a map of your true desires that will motivate you. The essence of it is really powerful coaching methods. You will be able to analyze yourself, your current and desired life from all sides. Our Wish Map will include the correct setting of goals, separating your real desires from those imposed, weighing your strengths and capabilities, and, ultimately, drawing up a clear plan that will become your guide.

*You can buy this self-coaching diary in Russian, Polish, and English!

**One of the sections of the developed tool was presented at the Oxford conference (International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences, Oxford, United Kingdom, 8th November, 2019) and received high marks for originality and applicability. (This confirms the effectiveness and relevance of the technique.)

The wish map is a visualization-based tool that allows you to pull all your dreams “off the shelves” and make the best plan for achieving them.

In this self-coaching diary

you will analise 9 most important sectors, each of which addresses the key issues of YOUR LIFE.

1. Financial Sector

– You will conduct an analysis of your thoughts in the field of money.

– You will find true and false financial goals.

– You will be aware of your current financial situation and how ready you are to go to the goal.

– You will make a step-by-step financial plan and find additional opportunities to get closer to your dreams.

2. Fame Sector

– You will analyze your achievements and understand what qualities made them possible.

– You will remember your talents and abilities that you do not fully use.

– You will find out what you could succeed in based on your talents.

3. Love and Relationships Sector

If in the search for love, you will see:

– Why you are always attracted to the same type of people.

– The qualities that you value most in people and how much you really need them.

If you are in a relationship, you will analyze:

– How strong the relationship is and what can be improved.

– How you  feel in this relationship, and what is missing for both you and your partner.

4. Family and Home Sector

– You will see who is included in your “inner fortress”.

– You will analyze how harmonious the relationship is within your environment.

– You will understand what people close to you bring to your life.

5. Creativity and Hobbies Sector

– You will find activities that impress and motivate you: you will remember all the things that you would like to do if you were not limited in time or money, you will appreciate that you forbid yourself to even try because of fears.

– You will discover what exactly attracts you in each activity.

– You will see what skills you can develop and improve.

– You will let into your life something that will diversify your leisure time and make you happier.

6. Knowledge Sector

– You will learn to separate the knowledge necessary for life and career from interesting, but useless information.

– You will determine what kind of knowledge and skills you lack to achieve your goals.

– You will develop the skill of saving time and choosing only what will be valuable to you.

– You will choose the knowledge that will bring you closer to success and wealth

7. Leisure and Travel

– You will think about what kind of rest will bring you joy, and what, on the contrary, will make you even more tired.

– You will find out how much you need to travel and why.

– You will make the rest so that you do not run away from yourself, but make new achievements.


8. Career Sector

– You will formulate what a successful career is to your understanding.

– You will decide on which step of the career ladder you are currently on, where you are aiming for, and what steps are necessary to achieve what you want.

– You will understand how you could best apply your skills and abilities.

9. Perfect Self Sector

– You will realize what you would like to be ideally: how to look, what habits and qualities to have.

– You will fully feel how your life would change if you had them.

Wish Map that makes wonders

“In general, any success is a balance of all spheres of life. But it is not so easy to find it. Therefore, the diary covers all areas of life and helps you to conduct a deep analysis of each of them. It is not like an ordinary book you can read and forget. The self-coaching diaries consist of questions that a professional coach would ask you. They have tables you fill out which open a lot of your unfulfilled desires, fears and hopes”

Amelia Brown, blackbirdnews.com


“One self-coaching diary cannot be a universal solution to all the problems that may arise in the individual. Therefore, diaries are thematic, which work out certain nuances. For example, the “Wish Map that makes Wonders” helps you analyze 9 areas of your life, find hidden desires and the path to them. This is a real “magic wand,” and after such a detailed introspection, many people’s lives change”
Deny Smith, ventsmagazine.com


“A real wish map is not a picture on the wall, but a tool based on visualization. But before taking up scissors and paper, in the diary we will consider every area of life: relationships, career growth, recreation, hobbies, family, and self-improvement. Of course, there will be a lot of interesting questions that will allow you to look inside yourself. The reader does not think whether he or she needs a million dollars. Or whether he is surrounded by people who are pulling down. Is it worth saving an outdated relationship? How is each one more unique than the others?”
Marta Storm, Realitypaper.com