Do you know that only 15% of workers worldwide are involved in work processes (according to a study by Deloitte, and the rest either regularly look for new vacancies and change jobs, or perform their duties through force in fact. This is not bringing the company any significant benefit. According to various studies, the key problems are that employees are not interested in their work, they experience discomfort in the workplace, stress in the team, worry about lack of growth, and are influenced by many other factors. If the employee is not interested in the work, it is useless to involve expensive consultants, analysts, business coaches, and conduct tests of satisfaction in the workplace. 

This test is designed to look deeper!

Anastasiia Dashynska

Initially, I wondered how effective each employee can be in creating the right conditions for themselves. The bottom line is that everyone has their own idea of the ideal workplace based on their personality traits. Someone who is interested in the opportunity to earn more, for someone who the main thing is the implementation of skills or the satisfaction of their ambitions. Sadly, no one will openly talk about it! Moreover, employees themselves are not always aware of their deepest motivation. For this I have developed this test.

Such testing will help you find out:

  • The talents of employees (including hidden ones)
  • Their attitude to work and to earnings
  • Their level of logic and emotions
  • Ability to join the team
  • The level of their ambition and desire for growth

For whom money motivation not effective?

“We all can agree, every boss would like to find a way to organize the work of the company so that each employee tries to perform his duties in the best way and «give his best». But it is obvious that there is no single rule or method of staff motivation. Everyone needs their own approach.The results of the “Hidden potential of an employee” test demonstrate that not only material well-being is important for employees, but also the realization of career goals, receiving recognition and respect, a pleasant atmosphere, confidence in the future and much more.”

By Editorial Board The Washington Mail

How it goes:

Filling in the test takes no more than a half hour or so. It is divided into 2 parts. After they both have been completed. My team processes all the data in manual mode and a custom analysis of your employee and the results sent to the e-mail of the employee and the Boss. Take them for yourself, it is empowering and eye opening to say the least.

What do you get:

The head of the department or the company will receive a detailed report on each employee, namely: his attitude towards work and their responsibilities, their goals and the elements necessary for their implementation, their strengths that can be beneficial for the company, their “interest points” .

The survey participants will also receive a detailed description, which will indicate the key problems that hinder self-realization, which should be worked on and the strengths that can be developed. * 

*Free trial testing

is offered for companies. To clarify the details – contact the manager

Matthew Patterson