Proiling 2.0

Do you know what profiling is?

The ability to determine the type of person based on his words and non-verbal communication. The method originally used for the work of terrorists is now becoming available, of course, in demand in everyday life.

What will you learn:

Who are they

Epileptoid, Schizoid, Paranoid, Hysteroid, Emotive, Anxious, Hypertim and Hypotim (these are not diagnoses, but just psychotypes of each of us)

How to zoom in

each of them, how to find a common language and "get into trust"

How to destroy

the inner core of any of them (even if you will not use these methods, you should know about them)

Anastasiia Dashynska

@anastasiiadashynska NLP master, trener umiejętności komunikacyjnych

Matthew Patterson

@xxxxxxx ..........

VIDEO COURSE Profiling 2.0

 1 part

How to Resist Epileptoid Resentment? What is hidden behind the calmness of emotives? How to see through the game of the hysteroid? How do you know about the goals of the paranoid? What kind of thoughts visit a schizoid? What is the hypothesis of the basement? Why is hyperthy happy? What are the fears of the anxious-suspicious?

2 part

Practice. How to define each psychotype and how to positively influence each of them.

Are you ready to look deep into the interlocutor?