Coaching session “Permission to be yourself”

Every person who can now be proud of great achievements once simply allowed himself to be more, express himself more, join big projects, and take on more responsibilities.

And most importantly, allow yourself to be yourself.

The coaching session “Permission to be yourself”

is needed to get to know yourself better, realise your values ​​and desires, formulate your life mission and understand “Who are you?”, “What are you about?”, and “Why?”

About the team

We have made an effort to make this coaching bot as useful as possible, putting our knowledge and experience into its creation.

Fnastasiia Dashynska

Psychologist, coach, NLP master

I am the author of this coaching bot. I included a number of psychological practices and coaching techniques in it so that communication with a virtual coach would be no worse (and maybe more open) than with a real coach. I am sure that this tool will allow you to discover new facets of yourself and find answers to your questions.

Lars Richter

Product Manager

Over the last few years I have worked with teams to develop new products. Interestingly, having the opportunity to work without the presence of a coach, each person can be more sincere and reveal new facets of themselves.
I consider this coaching bot a universal tool for revealing your best qualities and overcoming what weighs you down.

Stephane Petit

General Manager

For the last 30 years I’ve been working in business management in several global companies from the US, Japan and Europe, managing people and dealing with different cultures.
I love to meet new people and discover who they are. In my experience, strong people are those who know themselves best, which makes them even happier and more successful in their lives. This bot will help those who need neutral external support to get to know themselves better.

This coaching session takes place in a chatbot.

Unusual but very convenient. The chatbot will ask “magic” questions, which you can answer when and how you are convenient. As soon as you come to conclusions, you get a new batch of questions. So, step by step, you analyze your situation and come to valuable insights. As a result, the request from which it all began will be resolved. That is, you get the same result as with a regular coaching session, but at the same time:

  • everything happens online, and you choose the most comfortable place for yourself;
  • you are not tied to a schedule and do not have to invest 45 minutes. There is time to think and look deep into yourself;
  • save 100 USD (price of an individual session).

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