Coaching Session “THE UNLOVING POTION”

It is impossible to be successful if your thoughts are “out of place”

It’s natural to feel terrible after a breakup. You know that in terms of the chemical effect, the state of falling in love is similar to drug intoxication, and separation is similar to withdrawal syndrome, that is, the kaza syndrome. By the way, those who stopped using cocaine experience approximately the same melancholy…

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Until the wound heals, you remember again and again how good it was for you.


Perhaps you are looking through old photographs.


Analyzes your mistakes and feels guilty.


Sometimes you talk to him in your head.


Torn by the thought that he has another.


You feel a strong resentment, but it seems that you would be ready to forgive. In the depths of your soul you dream that the past can be revived.


How many matched?

If most of the answers are “Yes,” then you are still in crisis. 😢 Such conditions can last a long time and be very painful.

The chemical effect of love is similar to drug intoxication, and separation is similar to the withdrawal syndrome of an addict in the absence of a dose of a substance that usually provides a high level of dopamine. They say they experience approximately the same longing for cocaine after breaking up with him. On average, people need 11-18 weeks to get rid of longing for their ex-partner and return to their usual lifestyle.

11 weeks of pain is really hard.

In addition, breakups greatly affect self-esteem.

Just answer the question: are you ready to kill yourself, waste time, pass by happiness?

Sesja coachingowa „ODKRYJ SIEBIE: o twojej osobowości”

Coaching session "THE UNLOVE POTION"

In this coaching session, together with you, we will go through all the stages of living through a breakup to help you cope with this; in order not just to forget, but also to understand what went wrong and how not to repeat the mistakes in the next relationship that will definitely appear in your life after healing a broken heart.

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This coaching session takes place in a chatbot.

Unusual but very convenient. The chatbot will ask “magic” questions, which you can answer when and how you are convenient. As soon as you come to conclusions, you get a new batch of questions. So, step by step, you analyze your situation and come to valuable insights. As a result, the request from which it all began will be resolved. That is, you get the same result as with a regular coaching session, but at the same time:

  • everything happens online, and you choose the most comfortable place for yourself;
  • you are not tied to a schedule and do not have to invest 45 minutes. There is time to think and look deep into yourself;
  • save 100 USD (price of an individual session).

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