Coaching session “UNPACKING THE PERSONALITY: hero’s path story”

How do we usually evaluate ourselves? We look at ourselves through the eyes of the first teacher who said that we are incapable and lazy. Through the eyes of classmates who laughed at our essay. Through the eyes of the employer who ridiculed our presentation.

And this whole menagerie in my head screams: “You won’t succeed!”

“It matters not what you are thought to be but what you are.”

• Publilius Syrus

Coaching session - “UNPACKING the PERSONALITY: hero’s path story.”

After this coaching session, you will understand that they are wrong!

  • You can do more than you think.
  • You are brighter and more interesting than you think.
  • You can do so much more.

Just let yourself show up!


Why do you need that?

To reveal your “I” technologies and your unique features. To understand how to better communicate with people. After all, it happens that a person himself is not even aware of many of his qualities and information. Very gloomy!

Unpacking the personality will help everyone come together, pay attention, and build further growth.

With 39 deep questions that will help you see your life as a story with a happy ending, after this coaching session, you will understand how you see your life path, what was the turning point, what difficulties you faced and what lessons you learned, what conclusions you came to, and what you became in the end.

And most importantly, you will find your superpower.

This coaching session takes place in a chatbot.

Unusual but very convenient. The chatbot will ask “magic” questions, which you can answer when and how you are convenient. As soon as you come to conclusions, you get a new batch of questions. So, step by step, you analyze your situation and come to valuable insights. As a result, the request from which it all began will be resolved. That is, you get the same result as with a regular coaching session, but at the same time:

  • everything happens online, and you choose the most comfortable place for yourself;
  • you are not tied to a schedule and do not have to invest 45 minutes. There is time to think and look deep into yourself;
  • save 100 USD (price of an individual session).

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