Coaching session “GOAL 111”

If you know exactly what you want, then why don't you have it yet? 🤔

There are only two options:

  • Either I’m not sure exactly what your target looks like, 
  • Or you don’t know how to achieve what you want.

And in both cases, this coaching session will help you figure it out, set a goal and find ways to achieve it.

Very often, a person does not realize his goal because he does not know what awaits him, does not understand how to act, or does not have any resources, such as money or information. And the task of this session is to direct your thinking on how to achieve what you really want in the shortest way so as not to look back and look for excuses and explanations for why you can’t get to your goal.

Coaching session: "GOAL 111"

This session will help:

  • to realize and feel your goal,
  • accept the changes,
  • to build a clear plan to achieve it,
  • avoid “pitfalls” and dangers,
  • in the end, get what you’re aiming for.
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This coaching session takes place in a chatbot.

Unusual but very convenient. The chatbot will ask “magic” questions, which you can answer when and how you are convenient. As soon as you come to conclusions, you get a new batch of questions. So, step by step, you analyze your situation and come to valuable insights. As a result, the request from which it all began will be resolved. That is, you get the same result as with a regular coaching session, but at the same time:

  • everything happens online, and you choose the most comfortable place for yourself;
  • you are not tied to a schedule and do not have to invest 45 minutes. There is time to think and look deep into yourself;
  • save 100 USD (price of an individual session).

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